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Which girl does not want to look like a queen? Well, I found some really good links where you find awesome DIY make up and beauty tips! You should check it out ♥
Do It Yourself:
Unexpected DIY Beauty Tricks
DIY: 30 Awesome Things you can make at home
DIY fancy eye make-up
Make your own make-up remover wipes and make-up cleaning tips
Ways to keep your skin clear
How to get perfect skin
Simple tips for clear skin
How to remove nail polish in 5 mins + other great hacks
Fix your broken nail and other super easy nail hacks
Double sided mani and other incredible nail art in minutes
Tricks and Hacks:
Best Make-up tricks and hacks
Beauty secrets
Easy Beauty Tips to reinvent your look
Ways to get great hair
Perfect smokey eyes in a few minutes
Awesome eyeliner tricks
And here’s an example how you should NOT do it , omg:
Hilarious and really bad eye make-up fails
» Enjoy clicking through the links I prepared for you! I hope that some of the things can help you and make your life a little bit easier with all these great DIY tips ♥ Love lots! «

I never knew that eye make up can look THAT bad … oh my - 

Artwork by Lee Ann Petropoulos

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